Prayer for the Adams Family

Tragedy struck the Adams family of Roseburg, Oregon, on November 7, 2017, when Robert returned to his home around 9:00 p.m. and found his wife Dondi, daughter Amory, and foster daughter Tia, had been killed. We are requesting special prayer that God will bring comfort and strength to the family, their Apostolic Faith Church family, and the Roseburg community.

On November 14, the Adams, Crowe, and Olson families asked us to pass on this message:

To our family, friends, and the family of God around the world:

We have no way to truly express our gratitude for your love, support, and most valuable of all, your prayers. The calls, texts, messages and emails told us we were not alone in our grief. The generous gifts and food brought nourishment to our bodies and comfort to our hurting hearts. There is no end to the ways we have felt blessed, even through the tears and pain. Please continue to lift us up before the throne of the One who does all things well.


The testimony of Dondi Adams

Recently, Dondi Adams posted a picture on her Facebook page that said simply, yet profoundly, “Give Thanks.” These were not just words for this time of year, but represent Dondi’s personal testimony as well as how she lived her life.

Dondi’s Christian heritage goes back to her grandparents, great-grandparents, and probably even before them. Her mother always took Dondi and her sister, Gaylen, to Sunday school and the Sunday morning service, and Dondi was raised to know that she needed to ask Jesus into her heart if she wanted to go to Heaven.

Dondi shared her “spiritual birthday” with her sister. Gaylen relates how the two girls gave their hearts to Jesus at the same time. “Every year Grandma Peery would take Dondi and me to camp meeting, and she expected us to go to the altar and pray after service, at least for a few minutes. That year, as we knelt to pray, my aunt came and knelt across from us and asked us the most important question: ‘Are you saved?’ It is such a simple question, but it has eternal ramifications. I knew the answer wasn’t yes, which meant it was a resounding no. My sister and I both burst into tears, our hearts full of unspoken remorse. In a matter of minutes, Jesus made such a change in each of our hearts that we would never be the same. That day was our mom’s birthday, so we called her and yelled joyfully, ‘Happy Birthday, we got saved!’”

Dondi married Robert Adams on November 15, 1986, and the Lord blessed them with two daughters, Vienna and Amory. In 2007, Robert and Dondi took his two nieces and nephew into their home as foster children. The following camp meeting, Dondi testified, “I really thank the Lord for all that He has done. Our family has been through some upheaval in the last year and I am so grateful for the strength of the Lord and the grace that He gives. And our Roseburg church family has just been so wonderful. We have three children that have been brought into our family and our church family. Everyone has just embraced them and the love that has been shown is just a blessing. And I am so grateful that the Lord blesses us each day.”

Robert and Dondi have been faithful members of the Roseburg church for many years. She was one of the church’s main piano players. Their daughters followed their mother’s example by giving their hearts to the Lord at a young age and sharing her love of music; both have been involved in the church orchestra and teaching Sunday school. Dondi’s sister Gaylen Olson, and her husband, Gary, are workers in our Seattle church.

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The following videos are from a 2008 church service where Dondi shared a portion of her testimony and sang "Heaven Medley" with a group of ladies from our church in Roseburg; a 2010 service where Amory testified and sang "Canaan Land Is Just in Sight" with a Roseburg ladies' quartet; and a recent clip of Tia playing "Bless the Lord, Oh My Soul" on her violin, accompanied by Dondi.