World Report

A Blessed Lord’s Day in Ghana

November 6, 2016

From the Superintendent's DESK

We started this day with Sunday school at the Ghana headquarters church in Accra. Then we went into the morning service where 1761 were in attendance. It began with a children’s program. They sang some favorite songs including “The Happy Day Express,” “Happy Welcome,” “When He Cometh,” I’ll Be a Sunbeam,” and “Jesus Bids Us Shine.” The children also had speaking parts, and as usual they were adorable.

The service immediately...

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A Growing Work in Ghana

November 5, 2016

From the Superintendent's DESK

Bayo Adeniran and I flew to Ghana on Thursday. We were greeted at the airport by a small group, which included Akwasi Badu-Debrah, the District Superintendent of Ghana, and Jane Akazue who is the widow of Brother Bayo’s predecessor, and now assists with the Ghana work.

Both the headquarters church and office for Ghana are in Accra. We drove to the office and were received by a group of students singing “Happy Welcome.” ...

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A Warm Welcome at Western and Central Africa Headquarters

November 2, 2016

From the Superintendent's DESK

I arrived in Lagos, Nigeria, Tuesday evening and was met by Bayo Adeniran, the District Superintendent for Western and Central Africa (WECA). The next day’s activities included a formal welcome at the Anthony Village campground where the WECA headquarters is located.

The welcoming committee included about three dozen senior staff members who represent two management teams. One team has oversight of implementing strategies in spreading the Gospel to...

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Over 4,000 New Names Written Down in Heaven as WECA Camp Meeting Concludes

September 3, 2016

From the Superintendent's DESK

The closing week of the Western and Central Africa Camp Meeting saw many more blessings received. The following report gives the details:

Continuing the overall theme of the camp meeting, “The Relationships of the Godly,” the third week focused on relationships within the family, including the family of God.

Isaac Adigun, District Superintendent of Western Europe, introduced this focus in the first teaching of the week with the topic “Healthy Family Relationships.” ...

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Blessings Poured Out at WECA Camp Meeting

August 29, 2016

From the Superintendent's DESK

The Western and Central Africa (WECA) camp meeting began in Faith City, Igbesa (on the outskirts of Lagos, Nigeria), on Sunday, August 7, and concluded this past Sunday, August 28.

Preceding the camp meeting, ministers and workers met for a two-day conference. It was well attended by over 6,300 delegates from fifteen countries.

The following report gives the account of the first two weeks of services:

On the opening day of the convention, we...

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Ikot Enwang Camp Meeting

January 27, 2016

The Apostolic Faith camp meeting in Ikot Enwang, Akwa Ibom, Nigeria, was held December 6-20, with the theme “The Glory that Awaits the Righteous.” Special prayer meetings were held in the various branch churches during the previous month, and a ministers’ and workers’ conference was conducted on Wednesday before the camp meeting began. The highlights of the camp meeting included a music concert, Bible teachings, and evangelistic meetings, as well as ...

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