• 2014 Camp Meeting Sermon Excerpts

    2014 Camp Meeting Sermon Excerpts

    OCTOBER 2014

    Inside or Outside?  Have you ever missed a flight or train by just a few minutes? We can be near a door or gate to some place but not be inside. “In” is inside, and “out” is outside, and there is nothing in between. Recently my wife, Stella, and I were...

  • Design Your Life Around God’s Word

    Design Your Life Around God’s Word


    If you were to ask someone to come into your home and redesign a room for you, often the designer would begin by looking around the space and asking you, “What is important to you in this room? What would you like to be the central element of the new...

  • God’s Prescription for the Sick and Afflicted

    God’s Prescription for the Sick and Afflicted


    From the fall of man until now, people have looked for ways to be healthier and live longer. In grade school, I remember studying the Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon, who wanted to find the mythical Fountain of Youth. He was not successful. In fact, he died eight years later—at...

  • A Decided Purpose

    A Decided Purpose


    In 606 BC, King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon went up against Jerusalem and laid siege to the city. A year later, he carried away the finest of what Jerusalem had to offer, including some of the young princes and noblemen. Among those taken captive were Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. They...

  • Don't Say

    Don't Say "I Can't"

    JULY 2014 | GARY RILER

    Our six-year-old is normally quite adept at putting together Lego sets. Last night, however, he ran into trouble while trying to assemble a new project, and he got very upset. Instead of asking for help, he just yelled in frustration that he couldn’t do it. I told him I would...

  • "Follow Me"

    JULY 2014 | BOB BISHOP

    Jesus met four men by the seashore and spoke just a very few words to them, but those words forever changed the course of their lives.

    In Matthew 4:18-22 we read, “And Jesus, walking by the sea of Galilee, saw two brethren, Simon called Peter, and Andrew his brother, casting a...

  • Ready for the Rapture

    Ready for the Rapture

    JULY 2014 | DARREL LEE

    Recently our weather in Portland has changed from mostly cloudy and rain to partly cloudy with some sunshine. As we look up in the sky to assess the weather, it often comes to mind that one of these days, the Lord will part the clouds and come back to earth....

  • She Did What She Could

    She Did What She Could


    Bethany is an interesting place that is mentioned in the Bible. It is only two miles from Jerusalem, located on the southeast side of the Mount of Olives. Most of Jesus’ ministry took place in northern Israel, but He often stopped in Bethany during His trips to Jerusalem for holy...

  • A Surprising Source of Strength

    A Surprising Source of Strength


    Typically, we do not view weakness in a positive light. However, the Apostle Paul did. In his second letter to the church at Corinth, he made this thought-provoking statement: “Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses for Christ’s sake: for when I am...

  • Are You Headed the Right Direction?

    Are You Headed the Right Direction?


    Are we going backward or forward in our spiritual lives? The direction we are headed is vitally important.

    In Jeremiah 7:21-24, the Prophet Jeremiah warned the Children of Israel that they were not walking in the way God had commanded. He told them, “Thus saith the Lord of hosts,...I spake not...

  • Stack Those Stones!

    Stack Those Stones!


    A while back, I was trying to locate some maps that my wife and I had brought with us when we moved into our current home. As I went through box after box looking for them, it was like looking at an archeological dig of my life. One box had...

  • 7 Ways to Cultivate Spiritual Hunger

    7 Ways to Cultivate Spiritual Hunger


    In Matthew 5:6 Jesus said, “Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.” It is noteworthy that Jesus said those who hunger and thirst will be blessed. We do not always think of hunger and thirst as a blessing, do we? I teach...

  • Faith that Counts

    Faith that Counts


    In the opening chapters of the Apostle Paul’s epistle to the Romans, the doctrine of justification by faith is explained. Paul was writing to a primarily Jewish audience, teaching that justification came by faith rather than by the works of the Law. In Romans 4:3 we read Paul’s statement about...

  • Giving All to God

    Giving All to God


    What comes to your mind when you hear the word consecration? Perhaps you think “letting God take control” or “giving yourself to God.” You might define it as “to surrender” or “to dedicate.” Those are good explanations. However, when you hear about the need to consecrate or dedicate yourself to...

  • 2013 Camp Meeting Sermon Excerpts

    2013 Camp Meeting Sermon Excerpts

    OCTOBER 2013

    Bound Together  Isaiah 40:31 says, “But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” The phrase translated “wait upon” means to be bound together by twisting. When...

  • A Timeless Message

    A Timeless Message


    Is the Gospel message relevant in today’s society? Does it pertain to our era?

    In 1 Corinthians 9, Paul the Apostle taught that the Gospel message is relevant, no matter the culture or conditions one lives in. Whether Jew or Gentile, servant or master, weak or strong, loyal to the Law...

  • Unity in the Church

    Unity in the Church


    While Jesus was in the Upper Room with His disciples, just hours before His Crucifixion, He prayed this beautiful prayer: “Neither pray I for these alone, but for them also which shall believe on me through their word; that they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me,...

  • A Prayer for the Church

    A Prayer for the Church

    JULY 2013 | ED HABRE

    The Book of Ephesians contains two prayers. The first prayer appears in chapter one and is offered by the Apostle Paul for the Ephesian church. It is an expression of his heart’s feeling toward them. The second prayer is found in chapter three, and takes on a broader scope. We...

  • Considering Value

    Considering Value


    Cars, college, clothes, food, fun, housing, health...a list of important aspects of life could go on and on. Have you ever considered what these items are worth? What is their value to you personally? The answer cannot always be calculated in dollars and cents, so how can we evaluate true...

  • Keys to a Fret-Free Life

    Keys to a Fret-Free Life

    JULY 2013 | DARREL LEE

    Since 1992, in the United States the month of April has been designated as Stress Awareness Month. During this annual thirty-day period, health care professionals across the country attempt to increase public awareness of the fact that people have stress. I am not sure that it takes a month for...

  • Step Out Onto New Territory

    Step Out Onto New Territory


    The Book of Joshua opens with the Children of Israel encamped along the banks of the Jordan River at the border of Canaan. After forty years of sojourning in the wilderness, the Israelites were about to head into new territory: they were going to cross over into the land that...

  • It's Possible

    It's Possible


    Recently I came across an article posted on the New Scientist website which listed ten “impossibilities” that were ultimately conquered by science.1 As I read through the list, I was reminded of the verse in the Book of Daniel which says that in...

  • Modesty is God's Design

    Modesty is God's Design


    The Word of God emphasizes the importance of sound doctrine (Biblical teaching). The Apostle Paul warned Timothy that the time would come when audiences would not endure that type of teaching. Rather, people would search for instructors who would offer them something pleasant to their ears, even though it would...

  • Where Is Your Spiritual Focus?

    Where Is Your Spiritual Focus?


    Do you ever have trouble locating something that is right in front of you? Sometimes I have that problem when I am searching for a particular item in the pantry at our house. My wife, Gale, will assure me that the can of soup I am looking for is there....

  • Christian Giving

    Christian Giving


    In the banking industry, there is a saying that the most sensitive nerve people have is connected to their wallets. Nearly everyone has a need for and therefore some interest in money. As Christians, it is important that we honor God in every area of our lives, including our finances.


  • Salvation



    Sunday morning sermons at the headquarters church in Portland, Oregon, have recently featured some key doctrines taught in the Word of God. This sermon is the first in that series.

    Two subjects in the Word of God that I love to hear about are Bible doctrine and salvation. Bible doctrines are...

  • The Power of a Personal Testimony

    The Power of a Personal Testimony


    A personal testimony is a powerful tool. In a court of law, arguments based on material evidence and motive can have an impact, but often it is a personal testimony that has the greatest influence on a judge or jury.

    Several years ago I was called for jury duty, and was...

  • 2012 Camp Meeting Sermon Excerpts

    2012 Camp Meeting Sermon Excerpts

    OCTOBER 2012

    A Notable Day  All of us have had notable days in our lives, and most of those days involved some planning. Recently in the United Kingdom, great plans and preparations were made for the diamond jubilee celebration of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. There were thousands of street parties and motor...

  • Approaching God

    Approaching God


    It is important to consider how we are to approach God if we want Him to meet with us at this camp meeting. We find instruction regarding this as we look at how Israel was commanded to come before God.

    At Mount Sinai, the Lord gave Moses the commandment concerning a...

  • Are You Going Nowhere?

    Are You Going Nowhere?


    In the Virgin Islands where I live, there is a sign emblazoned on the wall at the station where we go to pay our telephone bill. It says, “If the path you are on has no obstacles, it probably leads nowhere.” There are some things you see in life that...