Daily Devotional

August 19, 2018

A Closet of Contentment

Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such things as ye have: for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee. – Hebrews 13:5

As we made our way through the glass doors, the mall before us offered 185 stores to shop in. What could be better than finding new outfits? My friend who was with me smiled at my eagerness. The stores glittered around us, displaying their creative fashions to entice the prospective buyer. I was ready! In the first department store, I started snapping up bargains, and my friend shared opinions on complimentary colors and styles that looked good on me. We went from store to store, and before long, my hands were overflowing with bags.

Hunger pains finally drove me to ask my friend if she was ready to eat. She said, “Yes, let me help you with all your bags.” It was then I noticed that she did not have a single bag in her hand. Sitting down at a table, I asked my friend why she had not bought anything. With a loving smile she told me she was happy with what she had and did not need anything else. I looked down at my recent purchases and realized that there were things that I really did not need. Why had I bought them? Was I not content with what I had?

In this world there are many enticements offering attractive wares or diversions. However, do we expect those things to bring us contentment? If we are serving the Lord with all of our hearts, we will find true contentment in His love and care for us. How wonderful it is that in the Lord we have available all that we need!

Do we have contentment in our hearts? Of course we all need clothes to wear and other items for our daily lives, but real contentment is not found in these material things. It is found in the Lord. Satisfaction in Him will outweigh all the glamour available at the malls of life. Are we content? Let’s shop at the “Heavenly Mall,” where satisfaction is guaranteed, blessings are waiting in bountiful supply, and God’s provisions are free for the asking. Herein lies true contentment!