Daily Devotional

March 5, 2018

A Good Report

The light of the eyes rejoiceth the heart: and a good report maketh the bones fat. – Proverbs 15:30

Just before a school year comes to a close and the yellow school buses are parked for a summer-long rest, finals will be given and term papers will be graded. Teachers will then tally up grades and make out report cards. Every student hopes to receive a good report. An “A” in every subject would be wonderful for those who put in long hours of studying! Students and parents wait in anticipation for the report cards, which evaluate knowledge learned and progress made. A good grade is the reward for the industrious scholar.

As Christians, what would it be like if we were sent a report card every few months from our Teacher, the Lord Jesus? What would our grades reflect? How would we measure up in “loyalty to Christ,” “obedience to His truth,” or “faithfulness in prayer”? What kind of marks would we receive in “following His will” and “loving not the world”? How well would we do in “reading His Word” and “adding to His kingdom”?

Think about what a spiritual report might tell. Is there an area we need to work on? Are we barely passing in certain subjects? Our Teacher is not willing that any should fail in serving Him. He will put in extra hours of teaching to help us learn, if we will also do the necessary work. Just as a schoolteacher has the answers to the tests he gives, the Lord has the answers to life’s trials and tests. He has all the answers, for He is the Answer.

Today, we can bring the Lord our difficult “subjects” and areas where we seem to be struggling. With His help, even the hardest subjects can be mastered. And when He returns someday, how wonderful it will be to receive a good report from Him and to hear Him say, “Well done!”