Daily Devotional

March 4, 2018

A Testimony to Others

Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid. – Matthew 5:14

Not too long ago, my high school class held its forty-year reunion. Many of the attendees had not seen the other members of the class since graduation day. After dinner, the former classmates gathered in small groups to become reacquainted and find out what the others had been doing with their lives. I informed the small group I was with that I was the pastor of an Apostolic Faith Church.

Immediately, one of the others, who had been the president of our senior class and was now CEO of an investment firm, broke in and exclaimed, “I know a couple who go to that church and their lives were totally changed!” He then proceeded to give the testimony of a couple my wife and I know well. He said that the couple were boyfriend and girlfriend at the time, were members of a local rock band, and had quite a wild lifestyle. Then, they became Christians and everything changed. He said excitedly, “They quit the rock band, stopped using drugs, and began living exemplary lives.” He explained that one night they happened to drive by an Apostolic Faith Church, which had a service going on, and felt led to go in and listen. They have been attending that church ever since and never returned to their old lifestyle.

The man did not know to call it salvation or the power of God. He just knew that the lives of that couple had been spectacularly changed. The others in our group listened intently to all the man had to say about this couple. If I, as a minister, had tried to give their testimonies, it would not have carried the same impact it did when the CEO told it. And the couple could not have shared their story with our group either, as they were not part of our high school class reunion. Yet, because they lived their salvation in public, people who were unknown to them were influenced by their changed lives.

We should each ask ourselves this question: “Does the life I live show my testimony to the world?” Personal experiences with God are a powerful tool for convincing others of the truth of the Gospel. Let’s not be quiet about what God has done for us; He can spread our testimonies farther than we can imagine.