Daily Devotional

January 9, 2018

Absolute Trust

For I the Lord thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee. – Isaiah 41:13

 I was walking down a pathway one day, holding hands with my six-year-old daughter. Suddenly she said, “I have my eyes closed.” I asked, “Aren’t you afraid you’ll bump into something?” She giggled and said, “No, because I’m holding on to your hand.” “But what if I let you run into something?” I asked. This time she laughed, “You won’t because you’re my dad.” That was all she needed to know.

Very young children have absolute trust in their parents. There is no question in a child’s mind that Mom and Dad can solve any problem and will protect them against any harm. It is not long, though, before they begin to realize that Mom and Dad are limited. With increased understanding of the world around us, simple trust is moved aside, and we only trust after we have seen sufficient evidence. Life’s lessons teach us to be cautious about where we place our trust, for misplaced trust can lead to disaster.

This is also why we have difficulty with absolute trust in our Heavenly Father. For most, absolute trust was tossed aside when “understanding” came in. We became cautious to trust God too much, fearing we would be abandoning common sense and reason by trusting God “recklessly.” However, God demands this of us. Faith is not logical; it cannot be, for what is logical requires no faith. Trust is not scientific; it cannot be, for what can be proven needs no trust. Yet, we find that once we have abandoned ourselves to absolute trust in God, it is the only mode of operation that will take us into the relationship we desire with God, and the relationship He intended us to have.

This kind of trust will never have a chance to develop if a conscious effort is not made at the outset. It requires such to get us past our tendencies of skepticism and doubt. If necessary, absolute trust in Him must be forced into our mode of thinking, and anything contrary must be eliminated. We can do it; we must do it. Once we have made that effort and constantly exercise trust in our loving Father, it will become a natural part of our relationship with Him.

When we cannot see ahead, God will be our eyes. When we cannot hear what is coming, He will listen for us. All we must do is hold on to His hand. He will help us, if for no other reason than simply because He is our Heavenly Father.