Daily Devotional

May 7, 2018

Ask What You Will

If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you. – John 15:7

When our daughter was about a year old and began to walk, her feet started to turn in; her toes were pointing toward each other. We were told that it was caused from the position in which she slept. The doctor said the condition needed to be corrected or her feet would be that way for the rest of her life. He told us to buy a pair of shoes with high tops that laced up, and to cut off the bottoms. We were then instructed to put the shoes on her feet and tie them together at the ankles.

We did as the doctor instructed. At bedtime, we put the shoes on her feet and put her to bed. No one was able to sleep much! Our daughter fussed and cried because she could not get comfortable, and my husband and I felt badly about our little daughter’s discomfort.

We finally took off those shoes and discarded them. We then got down on our knees and started to ask God to intervene in the situation. The Lord answered our prayers and our little girl’s feet started to straighten out. It was not long until her feet were perfectly straight, all without the aid of the cut-off shoes. God straightened her feet, and they are still straight today, many years later.

There is no need too large or too small that we cannot take it to the Lord in prayer. He has promised to give us whatever we ask for, if we meet two requirements: we must abide in Him and His words must abide in us. When we do those things, our hearts and desires are in line with His. Then we can ask what we will, and it will be done for us. What a wonderful promise!

Is there something we need from God today? Let us purpose to walk daily with Him and to hide His Word in our hearts, so we can claim His promise and see Him work on our behalf. Abiding in Him is where we will find peace, contentment, and real help in our time of need.