Daily Devotional

December 1, 2017


And being fully persuaded that, what he had promised, he was able also to perform. – Romans 4:21

One cloudy day in November, the airplane in which I sat took off from Medford, Oregon, bound for Los Angeles, California. The weather in Medford had been cloudy and the skies gray for many days, perhaps weeks. Then the plane soared upward and passed through the thick bank of clouds into the atmosphere above.

Sun! As soon as we emerged from the cloudbank, the skies were clear.

When I saw the bright clouds below us stretching out in all directions, I could not help but think about God. As we flew south, the clouds beneath us would part now and then and we could see farmland, winding mountain roads, lakes, and houses. Some of them were covered with the shadow of the clouds, and others lay in patches of clear sunlight. I began to think about perspective: some people down there were enjoying a sunny day, whereas others viewed the day as dark and cloudy. But from where I was sitting, far above the clouds, it was all sunny and bright.

The Lord spoke to me then about faith. Clouds are like the circumstances of life, and the sun is like God’s promises. Our daily lives are at times dark and cloudy—we cannot see the sun. Nevertheless, the sun shines. Even though we cannot see it, we believe it, and once in a while the clouds move and the sun appears for a few minutes or hours, warming us and reminding us of its presence.

Our focus verse is a comment made by the Apostle Paul about Abraham. He was a man who learned (as we all need to do) to keep his eyes above the circumstances of life that could cloud his vision. He learned to live a life of faith. The focus verse could be reworded into a one-sentence summary of Abraham’s life: God promised, Abraham was persuaded, and God performed.

What exactly is faith? Faith is confidence that God will do what He has promised. Faith is believing that the sun shines, even when you cannot see anything but clouds.