Daily Devotional

May 23, 2018

Company Is Coming

For what is our hope, or joy, or crown of rejoicing? Are not even ye in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ at his coming. – 1 Thessalonians 2:19

We were happily anticipating the upcoming visit of our daughter and her little son, Adam, who was not quite two years old. Since they live twelve hundred miles from our home, we had not seen them for over six months. We wondered how much Adam had grown. Would he remember Grandma and Grandpa? Would he still let us cuddle him? These thoughts were our constant conversation as we prepared for their visit.

The garden and yard needed attention. As we weeded, fertilized, and watered the garden, my husband expressed his desire for the corn, beans, cucumbers, and tomatoes to be ready to eat when our visitors arrived. I hoped the roses and other flowers would be at their best, because I knew my daughter appreciates beautiful flowers.

We also spent time preparing the inside of the house. It needed to be freshly cleaned, beds in readiness, and all cleaning supplies put away on a high shelf so that a curious little boy would not be able to get into them.

After everything was ready, we watched eagerly for their arrival and looked forward to the good time we would have while they were with us. When they finally arrived, Adam did know us! He had grown quite a lot, and was such a joy. We took pleasure in sharing the bounty of our garden with them, and the flowers turned out to be especially beautiful. Every part of their visit met our expectations.

Jesus is going to return for us someday, and as Christians we eagerly look forward to that event. Seeing our loved ones in Jesus’ presence is the best thing we have to look forward to! But is our excitement and hope for His coming evident from our actions? Have we “cleaned the corners” of our hearts in preparation? Do we have something to lay at His feet when He arrives? It is important that every detail of our lives be in readiness for His soon coming. We can encourage each other by keeping our thoughts and conversation focused on Him. Oh, what rejoicing there will be when we see Jesus!

Dear Lord, I am looking forward to seeing You soon. I am certain that what You have prepared for me is far beyond my greatest expectations. Amen.