Daily Devotional

February 12, 2020

Daily Guidance

The meek will he guide in judgment: and the meek will he teach his way. – Psalm 25:9

Sometimes we might wonder if God wants to be bothered with giving us guidance for our daily activities. When I was running a painting business, one Friday night I asked God, “Where shall I send my men to work on Monday?” Instantly the devil said to me, “God doesn’t care where you send your men!”

On Monday morning, again I asked the Lord where to send my men. Although God did not speak out of Heaven in reply, I had a general feeling that I should send my men together to a specific job, rather than have one of them go with me to a job in another town. Later that morning, I was traveling to the out-of-town job when a loaded cattle truck lost its brakes coming down a hill. That truck hit my van, and I was sitting in the only place where anyone could have lived through the accident. If one of my men had been with me, he would have been killed.

What a reminder that God does care about the details of our lives, and He does want us to ask for His guidance each day. God is pleased when we involve Him in our routine activities. He wants us to take the time to ask for His direction and leading.

Answers from God may come in different ways. As in my case, it may be a general sense that a specific action is the best choice. At other times, God may arrange circumstances or use comments from a sermon to give us direction. Sometimes guidance is obtained directly from His Word.

The key to receiving direction is in two parts. The first seems somewhat obvious—we must ask. The second necessity is mentioned in the focus verse: we need to be meek. In order to obtain the Lord’s guidance, we must be open to His leading, teachable, and submissive to His will.

What is ahead of you today? Do you need God’s direction? Just ask Him and then be receptive to His leading. He will not fail you!