Daily Devotional

August 3, 2016

Default Setting

Now set your heart and your soul to seek the LORD your God. 1 Chronicles 22:19

Computer users regularly come across the term “default setting.” These are the settings that determine nearly every aspect of a computer’s operation. For example, in the document I am currently writing, the default setting for the font size is twelve, and the default font style is “Times New Roman.” If I wanted to, I could change these default settings to many different options, but unless I make a change, I will get Times New Roman, size twelve, every time.

While the term “default setting” generally refers to electronic devices, we could also say that people have a spiritual default setting. Everyone is born with an innate compulsion toward sin, and until we ask God to change that setting, we will always struggle to meet God’s standard of living. That sinful “default” causes people to make decisions that lead to unrest and heartache, so it is vitally important that we ask God to eradicate our sinful nature through sanctification, “setting” our hearts to holiness instead.

There is also a default setting in the general mindset of the world around us, which is the direct result of so many people living with a sinful nature. The default that exists in the world in general is a self-centered, prideful, and materialistic mindset, and it affects every part of life. It pervades the programs on television, it thrives in schools, and it even invades churches. Once again, the result of this default setting is not pleasant. This way of living is empty and meaningless; it takes the value out of life. As Christians, we must guard against this mindset every day by making conscious choices to keep it out of our lives.

In a computer, some default settings can be permanently changed—those are customized settings, and once we make those changes they never go back to the former default unless we purposefully change them back. That is like our sanctification, because that experience will last as long as we do not choose to turn from God. Other settings, however, cannot be permanently changed. We must specify the changes we want every time we use that program. Those settings are like the default settings in the world around us—something that we cannot change, but must be vigilant to keep in check every day.

Today, might we check our hearts to see if our default settings are what the Lord would have them to be? We must choose to allow God to put our life’s settings exactly as He wants them. His settings bring the best results!