Daily Devotional

April 15, 2017

Easter Saturday

But if we hope for that we see not, then do we with patience wait for it. – Romans 8:25

To say the least, Easter was different for our family this year. One of our married sons was going through serious medical issues. At the same time, my wife was in a distant city, helping care for our daughter’s children while she was in the hospital. Not your happy-go-lucky Easter weekend!

As I sat in my Sunday school class Easter morning, I raised what seemed a minor point. We know that Jesus died on Friday and was resurrected on Sunday, which means He was dead for parts of three days. I wondered aloud, Is there any significance to the three-day period? Was the extra day to prove that He was truly dead and not just unconscious? Was it to bridge the gap between the Jewish Passover (Friday) and the newly important Christian Sunday? It did not seem like a major point—just something to think about. Little did I know that God, in His infinite care and wisdom, was preparing to teach me a valuable lesson.

Within a week, I read a devotional which shed light on this question.1 The author quoted an unnamed preacher whose Good Friday sermon was entitled “It’s Friday, but Sunday’s Comin’.” The preacher contrasted how bleak things looked on Friday, versus how glorious they were after the Resurrection on Sunday. Now we call Friday “Good Friday,” and Sunday we refer to as “Easter” or “Resurrection Sunday.” The devotional writer added this thought: What about Saturday, the day with no name? The evil deed had occurred on Friday; deliverance was not till Sunday. All through Saturday, however, the disciples were in an agony of despair and frustration, mixed with faint hopes.

The devotional writer then brought this message home. Sometimes Saturday is not a twenty-four-hour period. Sometimes it drags on for much longer. For both my son and daughter, their “Fridays” were the days they developed serious medical issues. Since then, we have been living in a nameless “Saturday.” My daughter ended up spending nearly two weeks in the hospital, with ongoing uncertainty about the ultimate outcome. Our son’s ordeal also continues, although the Lord has given us some hopeful signs. Through this long Saturday, we need to keep reminding ourselves of the fact that when the Lord has worked out whatever He has in mind, He is going to send the victory. Once again, “It’s Saturday now, but Sunday is Comin’!”


1 Phillip Yancey, Our Daily Bread, April 11, 2009.