Daily Devotional

February 6, 2018

Eat and Grow

So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. – Romans 10:17

When the Lord saved me, I was born again, and a very hungry newborn I was. Each morning, after my husband went to work and the children were all in school, I would sail through my housework. Then I was free to read the Bible. I would spend three or four hours reading and studying. The time flew! I could not consume the Word fast enough. If I was reading in Matthew, I could not wait to read Mark. If I was reading in Luke, I could not let up until I got to John. I was that hungry. Then one day, I discovered the verse in Romans 10:17 that captured me completely. It was a secret formula!

Applying a little logic, I found that the more of God’s Word I could hear, the greater would be my faith! I determined that I must not miss an opportunity to hear God’s Word. I went to every church service I could get to and listened intently. Every sermon held something for me. When I would read the Bible, I often would read out loud. That way, I saw it with my eyes and also heard it with my ears. However, I learned that my faith must be in God, not in myself. Since I was older when I was saved, memory was a challenge for me.

In time I discovered that some thoughts in one passage might be explained in another passage, so I bought a spiral notebook and began writing out those verses that seemed to carry out a similar message. Soon, I had my own systematic Bible reference going, and writing it out also helped me to memorize! All of this was helping to plant God’s Word deep in my heart, so that I could better grasp His purpose for my life.

Reading and knowing God’s promises is the gateway to spiritual strength. It was and still is very exciting for me to read the Bible. I get excited at a Bible study, or when sharing answered prayers or spiritual experiences with others. It is good to know that God smiles on the one who lets his soul “delight itself in fatness” (Isaiah 55:2).

We may not have big faith yet, but we do have a big God. As we study His Word more, He will increase our faith in Him.