Daily Devotional

January 27, 2019

Following the Conductor

For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also. – James 2:26

The Bible assures us that if we are following God, the things that happen to us are for our good. If we are willing to be led, God will direct our lives.

Think of an orchestra and how it is led by a conductor. Sometimes the conductor turns to the brass section, while at other times he turns to the strings, and sometimes there are solo parts. But all the sections work together to make a beautiful presentation. Each musician must follow the conductor to be certain he is contributing the right sound to the whole arrangement. The musician must also have exercised and practiced to improve his skills.

The Spirit of God is like the conductor in the lives of Christians. He leads faithful followers to know what their parts are and when to perform them. Sometimes the Spirit will direct one person to witness, and another person to lend a helping hand somewhere. Those followers must “exercise” and “practice” by using their faith and following the Spirit’s leading. Then God’s Spirit can orchestrate their lives to glorify Him and win souls.

The Spirit of God is the One who energizes our souls, but we have to do something about the message He gives us. As our focus verse says, “faith without works is dead.” Our faith will do nothing without actions.

Years ago in the Midwest, some folks started to hold mission meetings. The owner of a bakery told the people that they could have day-old baked goods to use for their mission. The only problem was that they didn’t have a freezer in which to store the food. So they made acquiring a freezer a matter of prayer. One day at a prayer meeting, a man stood to his feet and said, “You can quit praying about that.” Everyone just sat waiting to hear how God was going to answer. The man said, “The Lord told me to go out and buy one.”

Our faith requires action. God is interested in directing your life by His Spirit. Will you let Him? Will you follow His leading?