Daily Devotional

April 12, 2017

Getting It Right

Nevertheless the foundation of God standeth sure. – 2 Timothy 2:19

"Did you follow the formula?” Often this question is heard when something does not come out quite right. It is important to follow directions. There are mathematical equations that must be known and formulas to be followed if the desired end is to be reached.

For example, those in the building trades know that good concrete is measured by an exact formula—a certain part sand, a certain part gravel, and the correct percentage of cement. Then a very precise amount of water is added to ensure the proper consistency for strength. I have worked in construction for many years, and when I pass a job where the concrete is flowing too freely, I know something is wrong. In the trade they say, “You don’t pour concrete, you place it.”

Adding more water will make the concrete easier to work, and you might get away with it in some small buildings or insignificant jobs, but when it is put to the test, it will not pass. Cheap concrete would never be used to build a dam, for example, because dams must be able to withstand intense pressure. Builders must be careful to follow the formula for concrete precisely so that the construction will be as strong as possible. They cannot water down concrete for a dam and expect it to hold back millions of gallons of water.

The same concept can be applied to the building of a strong spiritual house. God’s own Word gives us precise instructions—details of how we are to live. It is imperative that we follow the exact formula if our house is to withstand the storms of life, because a watered-down religion will not hold back the forces of evil arrayed against the Christian. However, if we follow the Word of God in detail, we will prove that “the foundation of God standeth sure” (2 Timothy 2:19).