Daily Devotional

January 23, 2019

God Meets Our Needs

If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you. – John 15:7

Recently a prisoner wrote this:

I want to share some wonderful answers to my prayers, and to glorify God for His majestic love. Since I am confined by concrete walls and floors 24/7, I asked the Lord to cause a flowering plant to grow in the rocky wasteland that is within sight from my tiny, four-inch-wide window. Also, I asked Him to cause some wildlife to come within my view, so I could enjoy His beautiful creation.

Now I have this strange little shrub growing immediately outside my window. It is about ten inches in diameter and has the most amazingly beautiful color of purple blossoms. They are no bigger than a shirt button, and the color can only be described as a neon-pastel purple. Then starting yesterday, I have been visited by a sparrow that comes and literally hangs sideways from the cinderblock frame of my window and looks me right in the face!

Does God see each one of us and care about our needs? This story should remind us that He does. Our circumstances and needs may be different than this man’s, but the God who answered his prayer is able to answer our prayers too.

Maybe today the enemy of your soul is telling you that there is no hope, that God has forgotten you or will never supply your needs. Maybe you are facing hard situations for which there seems to be no solution. Think about the God who makes button-sized purple blossoms and controls the location of the sparrows. When you pray to Him with all your heart, He hears you. He cares about you and will help you. Take courage and keep praying!