Daily Devotional

March 14, 2017

God’s Bandage

For I will restore health unto thee, and I will heal thee of thy wounds, saith the Lord. – Jeremiah 30:17

When on a playground supervising children, one occasionally needs a bandage to cover a scrape after a tumble from a swing or merry-go-round. Daycares, pre-schools, grandmas, and moms usually have several boxes of these healing aids stored in their cupboards. Not only do bandages protect cuts and help prevent infection, but they are also usually able to stop the flow of tears from little eyes. Most youngsters will tell you that covering up their cut or scrape makes them feel “all better.”

While it is impressive that a simple piece of plastic lined with sterile cotton can turn a child’s tears into a smile, there is another bandage which is much more powerful. It does not come in a box or a first aid kit; it comes with just a call to our loving Lord. We can take any problem we have to God and He will cover us with His bandage—His love—and instantly relieve our fears and concerns.

Decorated bandages can cheer the small who have minor scrapes, but God’s bandage can do this and much more. He can heal the body, heart, mind, and most importantly, the soul. When the lost come to Him, dead in their sins, His love redeems their souls. God can heal our bodies in an instant, relieve our stress, and comfort our aching hearts. He brings peace and joy to the hurting, and love in abundance when love is hard to find. His bandage is big enough to cover our largest trial, and small enough to apply to our daily concerns. His love meets every need!

Are you hurting today? The Lord is the Restorer of our health, the Healer of all our wounds. Pray to Him and let the mighty bandage of His love heal your deepest wounds.