Daily Devotional

July 24, 2018

God’s Wondrous Mercy

It is of the Lord's mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness. – Lamentations 3:22-23

The fireplace was jammed full of cardboard boxes, outdated school papers, and scraps of old newspapers. When my husband walked by, he observed its overflowing state and commented that it was about time we made ashes out of the unsightly heap. After locating a match, he cracked open the fireplace doors, opened the damper, and touched the match to the trash accumulation.

As I lay close by on the carpet, I watched the flames begin to curl upward. Soon they rose to the top of the inside of the fireplace as they lapped up the boxes with a loud roar and made short work of the paper stuffed in the back. The heat was almost more than I could take. I noticed as each box and bit of paper was consumed, their ashes would fall and settle underneath the grate. Soon the intense flames began to get smaller and smaller as the last bit of fuel was snapped up. The once-blazing flame faded to a small flicker, then died away. It had taken about five minutes from the time the fire was lit until the flames had done their job and quietly disappeared.

How quickly fire consumes burnable materials and leaves only ashes as a silent reminder! If it was not for the Lord’s mercies, His kindness, and the love He daily gives, we also would be consumed like the paper in the fire. Our lives would be snuffed out quickly, for we are all born in sin and unworthy to be God’s children. If we were without His compassion, we would die an eternal death, having no knowledge of Heaven. However, God’s compassion never fails. He sent His only Son to purchase our redemption. His wondrous mercy is new every morning, and His love extends far to encompass everyone who calls on His name.

How thankful we should be for His faithfulness! Let us remember to praise Him daily for His tender mercy, His loving compassion, and His glorious plan of salvation.

Dear Lord, We thank You for Your tender compassion toward us. Our hearts overflow with praise at Your wonderful mercy that is new every morning. We thank You also for Your plan of salvation that offers us life forever! How we love You! Amen.