Daily Devotional

August 13, 2018

God’s Word

The word of the Lord was precious. – 1 Samuel 3:1

Thank God we can say the Word of the Lord is still precious. Recently, I was looking at a Bible that my wife has had since 1973. It is a small volume with a leather cover and a snap to close it. She sleeps with it at her head, and whenever she is bothered by pain or troublesome thoughts, she places it on her heart and quotes one of its exceeding “great and precious promises.” These verses bring peace and comfort. What a blessing!

I have a bookshelf of Bibles. They will not all fit on one shelf, so they are found all over our home. Each one carries special memories and truly is precious to me.

One Bible was given to me by a former pastor who had brought it back from the Holy Land some years ago. Another is the Bible one of our ministers preached from for several years. When she passed away, her children wanted me to have it. What an honor! There is my mother’s old Bible, and the list goes on. Each one is special.

In the fall of 1950, I was drafted into the United States Army. Our local church held a farewell ceremony for me, including the gift of a small Bible with a gift card that was signed by the pastor and more than seventy people, from the children to the senior saints. Many of those young children are now grandparents. Each time I look at this precious Bible and read again the message and the names on the card, I can visualize that group of people who visited my parent’s home and sent me off to a foreign war.

Maybe you have various Bible with memories attached to them. Or perhaps you have only one Bible or a portion of the Bible. Whatever its availability to us, the Word of the Lord is precious. We want to cherish it and hide it in our hearts. It will prepare us for Heaven and keep us from sin.