Daily Devotional

March 11, 2018

Godly Affections

Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth. – Colossians 3:2

The air was dry and still that warm October morning in 1991. A faint smell of smoke drifted up from the valley below. The sun was already making the thermometers squirm in discomfort as the mercury continued to rise. Then a respite was thought to have come. The Santa Ana winds had started to pick up, and they eventually hit gusts of up to fifty miles per hour. Instead of comfort, however, the restless breeze began to stir up trouble. It whipped into a hillside that was still smoldering from a brush fire the day before. When it collided with the smoking embers, it acted as a fan, making the whole parched mountainside burst into flames above the city of Oakland, California. By the end of the day, 3,354 homes and their contents had been consumed by fire.

I read about this devastating fire recently and it brought to mind how quickly our dreams and material possessions can be snatched away from us. In literally minutes, everything we own can be destroyed.

As Christians, it is important that we set our love on the things of God, which last forever. When we see friends who are discouraged, we can reach out to them with words of encouragement. If another Christian brother asks us to walk with him a mile, sharing his sorrow, we can walk with him two miles. If we are placed in the path of a lost soul searching for the Lord, we can gently guide him to the Savior. We can help a neighbor in distress, even if that person has not been friendly to us. When we do these types of acts in love, we are setting our affections on things above and building a sure foundation in Heaven.

Possessions and entertainments of earth may bring joy, but they have no guarantee of always being there. Real joy is found in the things that last forever, the things we can do for the Lord that will store up treasures in a secure and permanent home—Heaven.

Where are our affections today?