Daily Devotional

September 27, 2016

God's Chosen Ones

Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you. – John 15:16

When a baby is adopted into a family, there is often concern in the adoptive parents’ hearts and minds over whether their child will feel badly about being adopted. Will the circumstances cause the child to feel insecure or rejected by his or her own flesh and blood? Will he or she feel different than the rest of the family or doubt Mom and Dad’s love? Often, the parents purposely emphasize to the child that he or she is very precious to them. They might point out that this addition to the family was no accident—the child was specially chosen. That one will likely receive a great deal of devoted attention!

There is a striking similarity between adoption by loving, caring earthly parents, and the love our Heavenly Father has displayed in bringing us into His family. Scripture says, “Ye have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father” (Romans 8:15), which means we actually become His children when we are saved. The blessed reality is, our Father loves us even more than an earthly parent could. He has also promised that we can bring our every care to Him, and that He will look after us.

Our spiritual adoption is a wonderful event—the day we are saved is a memorable day for us, and we will never forget it. However, like earthly adoptions, sometimes God’s children might doubt whether they truly “belong” in this family. A trick of the devil is to tell Christians that they do not deserve to be called the children of the Most High, that they are unworthy of the blessings God offers. If the enemy puts these doubts in our minds, we must remember that God chose us specially to be His children. We did not get here by chance or by accident; we are in God’s family because this is His plan for our lives. No one deserves His love, yet He offers it freely to all.

Have we stopped to consider how special it is to be “chosen” by the Lord Himself? That does not make us better than anyone else, but it puts us in a position to take hold of the love and power which surpasses all others. We should never doubt whether we belong in His family; we are here because He chose us.