Daily Devotional

June 6, 2018

Good Gifts

If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him? – Matthew 7:11

Have you ever experienced something that just blew you out of the water, something that was beyond your wildest dream, your wildest imagination? One evening, when I was about fifteen, my family and I were sitting down for dinner and my dad said to me, “If you had an option, would you get a four wheeler or a motorcycle?” I looked at him and said, “A street bike.” That was the end of the conversation. I went away from that meal thinking, My birthday is coming up, and that would be so cool! Well, my birthday came and went. No bike.

Two months after my birthday had passed, I woke to the sound of excited voices outside my bedroom window. I could not make out what they were talking about, but I recognized the voices of two of my uncles, so I got out of bed. I threw open the window, ready to bellow at them to be quiet, when I caught sight of a gorgeous 450 Suzuki—king/queen seats, semi-chop, lots of chrome. It was a beautiful bike. I turned around, and the keys were sitting on my nightstand. I dashed out of my bedroom, down the stairs, and outside where my new bike was waiting.

I never thought it would really happen. That bike was just a material gift from my father, but to me, it reaffirmed that my dad loves me; he has proven it in many ways.

Our Heavenly Father knows how to give good gifts. We do not receive His blessings because of anything we have done, but because He loves us so much. Like my father, God enjoys giving good things to His children; He is just waiting for us to ask.

Go to God in faith, believing that He will give you spiritual blessings beyond what you could even think or ask, but leave the timing to Him!