Daily Devotional

March 7, 2018

Have Patience

If we hope for that we see not, then do we with patience wait for it. – Romans 8:25

She lives in the house next door, without so much as a fence dividing our properties, so I could see her heading toward our house. She was dressed in snow clothes and mittens, looking down at her three-year-old feet in their pink boots, crunching her first snow. She was in a three-year-old hurry!

We had been away for two weeks and had just returned from a tiring drive, so I was occupied with unpacking, checking mail, and looking at the dust and spiders in the sink, when I spied her on her way. She was used to my being available, so she grabbed my hand and said, “Grammy, Grammy, hurry and we can go for a walk. It snowed!” I began making excuses, and then just said, “Honey, it’s cold out there!” “Oh, just put on a coat and sweater, and gloves and cap and mittens and boots,” she gasped out instructions. “It would take me all day to put all that on,” I stated. “Well, then, Grammy,” she reasoned, “get started!”

My granddaughter had no patience to wait for a better time to go on a walk. Sometimes it seems that when it comes to waiting for an answer to prayer, we do not always add patience into the equation either. We want an answer yesterday. The promise is there, we have claimed it, and we have earnestly prayed. Then we expect God to hurry up. After all, we are waiting! We want Him to get started.

As a parent or grandparent, we often say to our children, “Just wait a second.” Of course, we do not really mean one second. We mean, wait until I can stop what I am doing and get things organized. And when God tells us to wait, it is also for a reason. He must smile at our eagerness to get on with it, just as we do with our children. After all, we are His children.

God’s promises are sure, so when we claim a promise, we must exercise some patient waiting until He gets things in place to give us the answer. Our answer may have to dovetail with someone else’s answer! God will not be late. He has heard our prayer and He does not forget. We only have to be patient and wait for the answer. It is on the way!