Daily Devotional

December 30, 2019

Hidden Treasure

Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee. – Psalm 119:11

Have you ever hidden something from someone? One summer, my husband and I went to Victoria, B.C., Canada, and while there, we bought some delicious chocolates from a famous candy store. The chocolates were absolutely superb, and I wanted them to last awhile, so I took a few and hid them in my bedroom closet. It was probably not the best place to hide them because each time I stepped into my closet, those chocolates called my name! Needless to say, I “listened” quite often, and before long there was nothing to hide anymore!

In much the same way that we may hide possessions we value, God would like us to hide His Word in our hearts. When something is hidden, it is concealed from sight in a private place, making it inaccessible to others. God wants us to know His Word, recognize its value, and then permanently place it in the innermost part of our hearts. He knows that when we do that, we will have the greatest weapon to be victorious in this life.

Whenever I remembered the chocolates in my closet, I would get excited at the thought of having a piece. Then, when no one was around, I would quietly sneak upstairs and nibble on my treat with great delight.

We can also be excited about the treasure God has put into our hearts, and we do not have to be furtive about using it. Although God’s Word is “hidden” in our hearts, we can have access to it at any time, and it will give us a boost whenever we have a need. My sugar high, though I enjoyed it at the moment, was not good for me. But God’s Word is a precious treasure that is good for us. It will protect us from sin, help us resist temptations that come our way, and guide our steps through life.

Possessions are stolen every day, but God’s Word can never be stolen from our hearts if we treasure it enough to hide it well. As we meditate upon it, live by its precepts, and share it with others, it will keep us from going astray.