Daily Devotional

May 14, 2017

In Praise of Christian Mothers

Her children arise up, and call her blessed. – Proverbs 31:28

The word “Mother” is a term of endearment for a special woman. She is that one who nurtures and cares for you. She is the one who teaches you manners and how to clean your room. A Christian mother is a wonderful beginning to a child’s heritage. My own mother brought me up to look to God in everything, and my two grandmothers were beautiful examples of Christian women.

Growing up, I had the most romantic ideas about my Grandma Sally, who was a “missionary” in a “foreign land.” Until recently, I never realized the depth of commitment and sacrifice she had to make to go to Korea. Once, she gave a testimony during a trip home and related how God had called her to the mission field. While praying, she thought of her three-year-old granddaughter—her only granddaughter at that time—who would be growing up while she was gone. Yet, she was willing to do God’s will, and left her children and grandchildren to go into the harvest field to which God had called her.

As I listened to her, I envisioned Abraham’s willingness to offer Isaac on the altar, trusting God’s promise that, because of his obedience, he would be blessed. Not only Abraham, but his descendents and all the nations of the earth would also be blessed. God was able to use my grandma because she, too, obeyed God and put Him first. Many were saved because of her willingness to give everything to Him; among them were countless souls in Korea and many of her own children and grandchildren, including that three-year-old granddaughter—me.

My Grandma Crysta lived near us for a good part of my growing-up years. She was a wonderful example to me of generosity—everyone was always welcome in her home: family, friends, and even her children’s friends. She always had cookies ready to serve visitors. Everyone felt special at her house. She is still a great encouragement to me in my walk as a single mother, because she had to walk this path too. The Lord has honored her trust in Him and has seen her through many difficulties.

In this present generation, there is much to be concerned about in raising children, but the grace of God is always bigger than any temptation or trial. As we pray with our children about their concerns and watch their faith in action, our faith is increased. And when they see us go to God in prayer, talk about His goodness, and practice what we believe, their confidence in God is reinforced. That is how we do our part as Christian parents. Being faithful to God in our callings as mothers and fathers will bring His blessings upon us and our children.