Daily Devotional

January 10, 2020

In Step with God

The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord. – Psalm 37:23

When we moved into our apartment, we found that the builder had installed a four-foot light fixture in the kitchen ceiling that was trimmed in four-inch-deep hardwood. Consequently, when we opened the cupboard doors, they always banged into the light fixture. After much prevailing on my wife’s part and much procrastination on my part, I decided to install recessed lighting in the ceiling.

As I spotted the holes to be cut, I went into the attic space to make sure that objects in the attic would not obstruct or hinder my progress. To my satisfaction, it appeared that I would have clearance for placing three recessed lights.

After the job was completed, my wife was delighted, and she shared our solution with our neighbor in the apartment next door, who had the same problem. Being somewhat presumptuous, I proceeded to spot the hole in the ceiling of our neighbor’s unit just as I had done in our unit, but without going into the attic. After cutting each hole, I realized that the configuration of gas lines and electrical wire in this attic was not the same as in ours.

When the electrician came to connect the wires, he asked if I had spotted the holes before cutting them in the ceiling. I said that I had not, and he replied, “You have someone looking out for you, because every hole in the ceiling just missed a gas line, an electrical wire, or a wooden truss.” I was able to tell him that with my lack of both experience and skill, I could not operate without the Lord’s help.

Thomas Edison, the great inventor, was once approached by a person who commented that Edison had discarded many of his experiments as failures. Edison replied, “No, I have not failed; I have just discovered one more way that it doesn’t work.” As I have done other maintenance projects over the years, I have discovered many methods that do not work! But I have also been constantly amazed at how the Lord helps us if we “in all our ways acknowledge him.”

Do you have a challenge before you? Trust the Lord as He acknowledges your request for help and answers accordingly. You will find that one experience will help prepare you for the next one. Life can be a joy when we discover that it works better with the Lord’s help. Life can be a chain of blessings from Above.