Daily Devotional

April 9, 2018

Invest in a Friend

A friend loveth at all times. – Proverbs 17:17

As a child, Charlotte attended the Apostolic Faith Church with her family but did not become a Christian. Later, as an adult, the Lord began speaking to her heart again, and she found a neighborhood church where she gave her life to the Lord.

When Charlotte was in her early forties, her sister decided to return to the church of their childhood, and Charlotte told her she would go with her until she became established. For a while, they went to church together, but eventually her sister drifted away, while Charlotte remained faithful in attendance, enjoying the services.

Being new to the congregation, she felt that she needed a friend, and one day when she was talking to the Lord, she told Him of her desire. A short time later, in answer to her prayer, a sister in the church invited Charlotte to sit with her and then to go home with her to lunch. Soon Charlotte and Madeline were close friends and had many wonderful times with each other. Together they went to the beach, traveled, shopped, and taught Sunday school. For at least twenty-five years they enjoyed each other’s company—a God-given friendship. After Madeline’s death, God supplied Charlotte with another true friend, and her adventures continue.

Friendship does not cost; rather, it makes us wealthier. Getting to know a new acquaintance is like opening a book and reading it chapter by chapter. The further we read, the better our understanding of each other.

With a friend, we can share those priceless nuggets gleaned from the Bible and the sweet messages of God, spoken into the heart. Prayer requests dear to the heart are taken to the Lord together, and grief is jointly shared—just being able to voice heartache somehow lessens it. On the other hand, joys are doubled as our friend rejoices with us. What a pleasure to call and celebrate together one of our blessings!

Friendship is a gift each of us has the opportunity to give. As we ask God to lead us, we need to take the time to invest in a friend. Our lives will be richer for it!