Daily Devotional

December 4, 2019

Jesus Is Always There

All things work together for good to them that love God. – Romans 8:28

Today’s focus verse is possibly one of the most questioned and contested verses in the Bible. This is because people often find themselves asking, What good can possibly come from this situation?

There was a day when I was wondering that very question myself. It was a dreary, overcast morning—not raining yet, but threatening to at any minute. The windshield-wiper blade on the driver’s side of our car had fallen off and was laying in the backseat. Our daughter-in-law was in the car with her wheelchair, and we were taking her to an appointment at a doctor’s office. After that appointment, we headed to a different hospital for another examination. We were just walking away from the car in the parking garage when my wife, who had been driving, said, “I locked the keys in the car!”

These are the kinds of situations that can make a person question how anything good can result!

Although the circumstances were frustrating, we were all still smiling and joking—trying to make the best of the situation. Meanwhile, and without our knowledge, we were being observed by a lady who none of us had met before. She noticed that we continued smiling despite our misfortune, and told us that there were few who could handle such situations so well.

Thankfully, our daughter-in-law said she subscribed to a roadside assistance service. In just a few minutes the mechanic arrived and quickly retrieved the keys. When he gave them to my wife, she asked if he knew of a place where we could have the wiper replaced, and he promptly fixed that problem too. Our troubles were dissipating, and then, even more importantly, we found out that our daughter-in-law’s exams went well.

The observing woman seemed to wonder why we remained so calm, but the answer to that is simple: “All things work together for good to them that love God.” We knew that God was in control, despite the moments when it felt like nothing was going right.

You may also be facing difficult circumstances, and perhaps are asking yourself, What good can come from this? Only remember that if you are a child of God, good will come from it. That’s His promise!