Daily Devotional

June 12, 2018

Learning Lessons

Teach me to do thy will; for thou art my God: thy spirit is good; lead me into the land of uprightness. – Psalm 143:10

During my senior year of high school, I traveled the freeway to school each day and became quite familiar with it. Frequently, I arrived at school just barely in time, as was the case for church services and other activities as well. Not wanting to be late, I would often apply a little more pressure to the pedal than I should have.

You can probably guess what happened. One Sunday morning, trying to get to Sunday school on time, I rounded a corner and passed a police officer. He had his radar gun out and I was clocked going more than the speed limit. How much more, you ask? Enough that the officer would not let me off with just a warning!

The police officer gave me a ticket, and I decided to go to the courthouse because someone once told me that you could get your ticket cut in half just by showing up. That was certainly worth it to me, as the ticket was $125.00—a considerable amount at the time, about twenty-five years ago. Happily, the judge in the traffic court reduced my ticket to a mere $20.00! My mom said he should have charged me more, and indeed, he probably should have. The fine was so low that it did not really faze me. It took a few more tickets to convince me that driving the speed limit was, if for no other reason, good for my wallet.

Sometimes, this can be like our experience when God is trying to teach us a lesson. At first, He often gives us a little nudge, showing us an area in our lives that needs improvement. It would be best to heed that instruction right away, but we do not always get it the first time. We may not realize why it is a problem until we have experienced more serious consequences. And for our own good, God often allows those consequences to come until we submit to His correction.

How much better it would be to submit the first time God brings something to our attention! We would save ourselves needless heartache and confusion. When we are in the midst of a trial, it is good to pray, “Lord, help me to learn what You would have me to learn.” We want to be pleasing to God, and we also want to avoid going over the same lesson more than once!