Daily Devotional

October 12, 2016

Lo, I Waited

Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD. – Psalm 27:14

Waiting is difficult. Several years ago, I went to visit my in-laws who live on Whidbey Island in Washington. I flew into Seattle and took a shuttle to the Mukilteo Ferry, where I boarded and crossed the lovely Puget Sound. My husband’s parents would be waiting to welcome me when I docked; I was so excited to see them and could hardly wait! While I was on the shuttle, the driver let me call my relatives on his cell phone so they would know the exact time of my arrival. The phone rang and rang with no answer, so I hung up, assuming they were probably already on their way.

As we docked and anchored, I scanned the waiting area for my family. Not seeing them, I picked up my bag and hurried across the bridge with the other bustling travelers. Soon the crowd had thinned, and still there were no familiar faces looking for me. I went to the pay phone and dialed my relatives’ number again; no answer. I tried once more, dialing very slowly, but still no one picked up. I sat down on the grassy bank and prayed for guidance. The Lord did not lead me to go anywhere, so I just waited.

After a while, the sun went behind the clouds. A cold wind started to blow and occasional sprinkles fell on my face. I grew tired of waiting and even concerned, but just as our focus verse promises, the Lord strengthened my heart. Although I was sitting by myself, I realized that I was not alone because the Lord was with me. I prayed that He would take care of my situation, and then continued to wait on Him.

Several hours passed, and then I heard the island bus rambling down the hill. Right in front of it was the family car! I sighed with relief that my prayer was answered; the waiting and uncertainty had ended. When we met, my in-laws were just as frantic as I was. After not receiving any calls from me, they thought I must have been taken to the wrong part of the island. We called the phone company when we got back to their house and found out that the phone service had been turned off all morning for repairs. In the end, we all had a good laugh!

Right now, it is likely that many of us are waiting on the Lord to answer prayer. And just as I became discouraged when the weather turned colder and rain drops began to fall, we might also reach a point where we start to lose hope and wonder if the Lord is really going to answer us—or if He even heard us in the first place. If you feel that way today, take courage! We do not know how long we must wait, but we know that the Lord is faithful and His timing is perfect. Trust in the Lord and ask Him for strength; He has promised it to us! Remember that He is always with us, even when there is nothing to do but wait.