Daily Devotional

April 16, 2018

Love in Action

A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another, as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. – John 13:34

 A difference of opinion arose between one of my grandsons and his little sister over some toy or choice of games to play. He was four years older than his little sister and was used to her being given the edge in a discussion. Being the youngest does have an advantage at times, and when his sister got her way once again, he walked away displeased. He muttered, “I never did like her.” Those of us who heard the comment laughed, because we knew he adored his little sister. Many years later, they are still very close. She is his strongest supporter and closest confidante. But that day, he could not show her love.

When Jesus gave the commandment to His followers to love one another, He meant for them to put their love into action. Showing love to our brothers and sisters in Christ should not be a strain if we really appreciate the family of God.

Even the hardest person to enjoy being around is bound to have some virtue, if only to teach us compassion and patience. If we would try to understand why these people are sometimes difficult or irritating, perhaps we could have more sympathy for them, and could show them appreciation for their better side. Maybe our kind and gracious attitude would be instrumental in bringing out that well-hidden better side.

Families can be torn apart by silly disagreements or imagined offenses which should have been forgotten long ago. So often, after the parents are gone, there are strained relationships over worldly possessions. How sad! It hurts me if I hear one of my children say something thoughtless or unkind about a sibling. Similarly, it must grieve God to see His children hurt each other, or show less than love toward one another.

Should we not rather prefer one another? Can we not decide that we can live without the thing that might come between? Our church family ought to be our closest friends and supporters. If we truly love God and His people, we will show it to them. Love is more than a feeling. It is an action!

Dear Lord, Be with me as I endeavor to put Your love into action today. Help me to look for and to find good in each person I encounter as I obey Your command to “love one another.” Amen.