Daily Devotional

November 28, 2019

More than Enough

And they did all eat, and were filled. – Mark 6:42

The late November day dawned exceptionally mild for the upper Midwest. It was Thanksgiving Day! It was also the 1930s and the Great Depression was still not over. Times were tough, and work was hard to find. It meant that if one did not have enough money, food was also scarce.

My father, along with a distant neighbor, had gone to another town searching for work to support their families. Our family consisted of seven people, and the other man had six people in his family.

On the morning of Thanksgiving Day, my mother started to prepare the food for the holiday dinner. She had some vegetables and pork neck bones that she was going to serve with sage dressing. A few miles away, the wife of the man who had gone with my father heard the Lord speak to her. He told her to take the one chicken they had for their dinner and bring it to our house and share it with us, which she did.

She and her family arrived at our house crammed in a Model T coupe. When the dinner was finally prepared, we all sat down to eat. Of course, not one bite was taken before we thanked God and asked Him to bless the meal. In the natural, the food on the table would not have been enough to satisfy that many people, which included a number of hungry teenage boys, but when the dinner was over, there was actually chicken left on the serving platter!

Today, whether your need is material or spiritual, God has enough provisions in His storehouses for all to eat and be fed. He was not limited by circumstances when He fed thousands with just five loaves and two fish (see Mark 6), and He is not limited by any of our circumstances now. Just come with a thankful heart, and put your trust in the One who always fulfills His word.