Daily Devotional

January 6, 2018

My Strength and Song

The Lord is my strength and song, and is become my salvation. – Psalm 118:14

My neighbor knew very well what it means to be stressed. She was facing deadlines for a correspondence course she was taking. She had hundreds of textbook pages to read and several tests to take; it was clearly too much work for the time allotted. Besides that, she had laundry to do, dishes to wash, meals to cook, and a house to keep clean. She was also the chauffeur for her children whenever they needed to go somewhere. She felt as though there were just too many demands on her.

While sitting at her desk one day, amid a mountain of paperwork, she looked out the window and noticed a mockingbird perched on a nearby pole. He began to sing, and it was a thrill to the heart of that distraught lady. He sang many different tunes and melodies, even changing keys in the middle of a line! He performed for her for some time, and then the overcast skies began to rain. Did the bird stop singing? No, he just kept up his symphony. Then the rain stopped, and sun broke through the clouds, and the bird flew away.

My neighbor learned a lesson from the mockingbird: even in the rainstorm, he was singing. She bowed her head and asked the Lord to help her through that time in her life when she had more than she thought she could carry. She felt at peace. She did meet the deadline for her course, and God even gave her a song.

Most of us will go through times when we think we have taken on more than we can handle. That may be true, but we have a God who cares about everything that happens in our lives—the small circumstances as well as the large. When we realize we cannot do it alone and ask for God’s help, He will make ways where there seem to be no ways. He is waiting to help us in whatever we are facing today, and He will give us a song in our hearts, too.