Daily Devotional

September 25, 2016

No Coincidence

For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God. – Romans 8:14

As a child, for several years I lived in a small town that has a river running through it, separating a park from the main part of town. One day, I had been at the park with some of my family and wandered too close to the river’s edge. Being young, I was not aware of the dangerous position I was in. I fell into the river and started floating downstream. Thankfully, one of my brothers was standing nearby and was able to reach into the river and pull me out by my hair, narrowly averting a tragedy.

Why was I rescued that day? And how close did I come to losing my life? Someone hearing about this event might assume I was rescued by chance, but I know this happy ending was not a coincidence. The reason I was saved was because God put my brother close by at the exact moment I would need him, and also gave him the presence of mind to do what needed to be done to rescue me.

When we serve God, He orchestrates our lives in such a way that He can work out His will for each of us. That does not mean He will always save us from tragedy, but we know that tragedy will not happen unless the Lord allows it—unless there is a reason for it. In my case, there was a reason that God wanted me to live, so He intervened in the situation and protected me. We do not have to worry about random accidents in life, because there are no random accidents with God. He knows when we need help, and as the years have come and gone, I have discovered that His timing is always perfect.

As we go through life with the Lord, He will want us to lend a helping hand to other individuals along the way. It is so important that we let Him show us where He wants us to be! He may want us to encourage, aid, perhaps even rescue others, right when they need it. In order to know when, where, and how God wants to use us, we must be following Him in all things and walking in the Spirit. When we are in the center of God’s will, He will make sure we are in the right places at just the right times. He sees the big picture!