Daily Devotional

July 3, 2018

One Step at a Time

I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content. – Philippians 4:11

We had moved recently, and I was having trouble getting settled in. The move was necessary, but we had expended considerable energy on the house where we had lived previously, decorating and putting in the yard. After we relocated, sometimes I just wanted to go “home.”

At the new house, we faced getting it fixed up inside and out. The outside project was so enormous that sometimes I felt it was like trying to eat an elephant! However, as I went to work on it, I had to remember to just take one “bite” at a time, moving just one stone or handling shovelfuls one by one. Gospel songs that came to me while I was working helped. One day I learned that “This Is the Day” is nice to shovel to. The weather was over 100 degrees, and I would work for awhile, go in and sit until I cooled off, then go out and work some more.

We do not always choose the path we find ourselves walking down, but I have learned that happiness is a choice. Goals and plans are good; but not borrowing cares from tomorrow is also good. Prayer can change things in a big way and the Lord has thoughts of good and not evil in store toward us. So it is our job to just take one step at a time. We can take time to rejoice in the Lord and smile when we think of what good things He might have in store for us down the road. Sometimes the trials may seem fiery or the challenges enormous, but it is then we must be sure to take time to rest in the Lord. He will give us strength to carry on, one step at a time.

Lord, today may not be easy on my own, but with Your joy added, the load is so much lighter! Hope in Your plan for my life shines bright, and I am so glad I am Your child.