Daily Devotional

August 9, 2018


And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony. – Revelation 12:11

In most of our church services, a time is set aside for the “redeemed of the Lord” to stand to their feet and give their testimonies. We hear about many wonderful things that God has done for the individuals who want to give their testimonies publicly, and it is a blessing to us all. Many people, however, are shy about speaking in a large congregation, and they often share their testimonies in other ways. This can be simply living a Christian life before others, which is a testimony in itself, or personally giving their testimonies to the individuals they meet in their daily lives.

A few days ago, I was privileged to give my testimony to a person with whom I was having a conversation. We were talking about how one receives the experiences of salvation, sanctification, and the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I was able to share how wonderful it was when I received those experiences! They are something that I can never forget.

Discussing those events was not only uplifting to the person I was speaking with, but to me as well. Recalling God’s goodness is profitable to all of us. Listeners are encouraged that God will do for them what He has done for another, and testifiers are reminded that if God met their needs in the past, He will surely undertake in the problems that arise today as well. When the trials of life come upon us and Satan comes in like a flood, it is beneficial to look back and remember the wonderful things God has done in our lives. Along with reading the Bible, giving our testimonies helps to carry us through the storms of life, and strengthens us to be “overcomers.”

Thank You, dear Jesus for shedding Your precious Blood so that we can receive salvation and have a testimony.