Daily Devotional

December 9, 2019

Satan’s Devices

Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices. – 2 Corinthians 2:11

As three o’clock approached in the big city where I live, the evening rush hour traffic was just beginning. I was a part of this mass exodus. Suddenly, a small car heading north put on its brakes to avoid hitting an object that was lying in the middle of the freeway. A trailer-tractor rig behind the car instantly slowed to avoid running into the back of the car. However, the trucker braked too swiftly for the load. The truck jack-knifed and flipped over, blocking all three northbound lanes of the busy Interstate.

Another trailer-tractor driver, who was headed south and therefore completely uninvolved in the accident, slowed quickly to view the scene. Hitting the brakes too fast and hard, that rig also rolled over. All of the southbound lanes were also blocked, and traffic began to back up for miles. Appointments were missed, dinners were late, and my frozen groceries in the backseat started to thaw. Several drivers expressed their frustration with flaring tempers. All of this happened because of an obstacle that was dropped in the middle of the freeway.

That dangerous obstruction on the freeway is similar to the devil and his devices! The devil sees when Christians gather to worship and serve God. Furtively, he drops an obstacle intended to cause harm into their pathway. This object—which might be bitterness, envy, or stubbornness—brings immediate danger to the believers close by. If the obstruction is not quickly removed, spiritual roadways will start to back up as the problem grows and affects other Christians, as well.

Thank God that we can be victorious over Satan’s attempts to hinder us! As Christians, we know that God has given us the power to remove, overcome, or walk away from the devil’s obstructions. The Lord’s presence in us will give us strength to handle anything the devil may send to hinder us. And when we see problems caused by the devil, we should call on God’s “9-1-1” through prayer instead of slowing to look at (and potentially add to) the problem. When we seek Him first, the Lord will come and clear away the trouble before havoc breaks out.

We must watch and be alert to Satan’s devices at all times to avoid the “traffic tie-ups” he tries to create, which can affect our whole Christian community and injure or destroy our souls. Let’s daily work at keeping God’s highway open through prayer and close communion with Him.