Daily Devotional

January 8, 2018

Stand Back and Watch

But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. – Philippians 4:19

My wife and I had not been married long when we started on a lengthy trip up into Washington State. Our “ancient” car ran well, but a problem developed with the starter. The vehicle would not start without our having to push it. We found a garage that was open late on Saturday evening and took the car there to be repaired. The mechanic informed us that he had no replacement parts, but would try to repair it without them. While he was removing the starter and preparing to test it, we waited in the backseat of the car. Opening the Bible for encouragement, we read the words from Philippians 4:19. They pertained to us because we certainly had a need.

Meanwhile, the testing was not going so well. Sparks flew from our starter, and smoke rolled from the garage testing equipment. The mechanic, afraid of burning down the garage, quickly disconnected the electricity and announced that he could not help us. However, we knew that God had just informed us that He could help us. We wondered what was going to happen. What would the Lord do? This was our time to stand back and watch.

The mechanic put the car back together and told us to turn the ignition on. I did as I was instructed. The car started immediately; our need was supplied. And when we sold that old car a few months later, there was only one good part on it—the starter that God himself had repaired.

When obstacles arise in our daily lives, our first reaction ought not to be frustration or worry. If our lives are in God’s hands, we already know how every situation will end: God will supply our need. Not only that, but He will supply it according to His “riches in glory.” With a promise like that, there is no need to fear any obstacle in our path. They are simply opportunities for the Lord to prove His faithfulness, and to give us a testimony that we can share with others.

Though many years have passed since that trip to Washington, my wife and I still depend on God to supply all our need. God is good, and He keeps His promises.