Daily Devotional

January 18, 2020

Such As I Have

Then Peter said, Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have give I thee. – Acts 3:6

There is a lady in the home-school group I belong to whose name is Robin. Robin can do anything—and I mean anything! And she can do it better than the rest of us, too. For example, when Robin makes cookies, she makes the most intricate, time-consuming creations you have ever seen. They are works of art! Personally, I specialize in bar cookies—one tray in the oven and they are done. So, there are times when I could look at Robin and feel like I fail at “womanly virtues” by comparison.

Notice, however, that our focus verse says, “such as I have.” God does not require us to give what the next person has. Peter did not go down the street and find something that someone else had to give to the lame man; he offered what he had. We all have something we can share with the world. We all have something that someone in our lives needs.

Think of the little servant girl who worked in the home of Naaman. The Bible does not even tell her name, but it does say that she had something to share. As a result of just a few words from her, events were set in motion that changed Naaman’s life. She simply offered what she had.

George is an older man who lives in a care home. One recent Sunday night, I went to pick him up for church. Walking alongside of him gave us some time to chat, and he began telling me about all the opportunities he has in the care home to talk to other people about the Lord. “If it is getting late for lunch, I can talk to them quietly about God. If we’re sitting on a bench in the courtyard, I can talk to them about God.” His story touched my heart—he was really excited because God still had something he could do. He is quietly and consistently offering “such as he has” to others.

What we have might not appear to be much. We are not all multi-talented, but we all do have something to share. Such as we have is what God wants. It is something that He can use for His glory.

Today, let’s purpose to give such as we have to God, in return for all that He has done for us. If we give it to Him, He can use it!