Daily Devotional

September 11, 2020

Support Fire

Bear ye one another's burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ. – Galatians 6:2

Throughout the United States’ military effort in the Middle East, I have often been reminded of my own experience marching to the frontlines in the Korean War. Although we had plenty of support fire behind us as we pushed to the front, we also had more than an adequate supply of incoming fire. It was a fearful time. I was not a Christian then, and I was sure glad for the people back home who were praying for me. I like to refer to that as “support fire” from home. Mom and Dad sent many, many prayers up for me during that time, and it stood me in good stead.

Periods of war come and go for all nations. However, the spiritual warfare of this world never ceases. We need “support fire” to help us through the heat of spiritual battles. When we know someone is going through a difficult time, it is our responsibility to lift up that one in prayer. Likewise, when we are experiencing a trial ourselves, we need to lean on the prayers of others for strength to continue marching on. That is what it means to carry one another’s burdens; we pray for the one who has a need that only the Lord can remedy. When we do that, the person can actually feel those prayers surrounding and supporting him, giving him the added “backup” that is so greatly needed.

There are many parents with sons and daughters putting their lives at risk around the world for our nation. Having been there once myself, I cannot express how very important that prayer support is to the one facing hard times. Let’s be sure to send up lots of support fire by way of prayer for each family that is affected both here at home and across the seas, as well as those whom we know to be facing a spiritual battle today.