Daily Devotional

December 18, 2019

The Fabric of Our Lives

Mine eyes shall be upon the faithful of the land, that they may dwell with me: he that walketh in a perfect way, he shall serve me. – Psalm 101:6

So many people touch our lives each day, yet are often unaware of the impact they have on us. Each person we encounter is like a thread woven into the fabric of our lives. Some threads are bright colors, some are dark, but woven together they make a beautiful tapestry. While the dark threads may not be the most pleasing threads, they do make the brilliant strands shine out brighter in contrast.

In thinking about the threads that make up the “fabric” of my life, many people come to mind who have become intricately woven-in strands. Theirs were lives of joy, faithfulness, stability, and peace that intertwined with mine. My desire is to leave behind a legacy of similar threads to be woven into the fabric of those around me.

One brother’s thread has been woven into the tapestry that is part of my Gospel heritage, even though I never met him personally. Time and again I have heard of his response of “Wonderful!” whenever he was asked about his condition; an uplifting reply that clearly referred to his spiritual status rather than his failing physical health. He was also one whom people often called to pray when they were suffering from a physical or spiritual need. Though he went home to Heaven a number of years ago, his golden strand still touches lives, and challenges me to cheerfully press on in spite of pain or difficulty in my life.

Then consider the lovely, strong thread of a young mother who faithfully brings her small children to church, with no visible support from her husband. The strength of her desire to gather and worship with other believers is inspiring.

Or, think about the vibrant gold threads of a couple of young teenagers who did not receive much spiritual training when they were children. As they have grown and have been exposed to more of the Gospel message, they attend church with a spiritual hunger that drives them to discover more! Their enthusiasm is contagious.

Each time we go to church and see familiar faces joyfully carrying out their responsibilities, these threads are lengthened, strengthened, and more tightly interwoven into our “fabric.” Even though we may feel that we are an insignificant part of a meeting, the truth is that we notice and gather strength from the presence of even the silent ones—just being in our place can be an inspiration to another. The pianist, the organist, the janitor, the ushers, the ministers, and the faithful little lady with her violin are all in their places. Less noticeable, but still important: a shy lady in the congregation who faithfully attends worship, and an elderly couple, both of which have trouble with mobility, helping each other make their way to their seats.

Through the “threads” of fellow believers, we receive the blessings of fellowship, unity, encouragement, and understanding. The beautiful result of weaving the threads of the Body of Christ is a tapestry—the fabric of our lives.