Daily Devotional

March 13, 2018

The Faith of a Child

Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child, he shall not enter therein. – Mark 10:15

My third-grade Sunday school class had been studying the Wordless Book. Each Sunday, I told the children that Jesus could come into their hearts and take away all the sin and make them ready for Heaven, but that it was up to each one of them to ask Him to do that. One Sunday, as we were discussing how to pray, Donovan said, “I did that last night.” Soon after that, Emily came to Sunday school and told me, “I asked Jesus to come into my heart,” then she said, “It feels good.” As Emily looked at a picture of Heaven she expressed a desire to go there.

These children each had simple, childlike faith, and God honored their faith. That faith is what Jesus meant when He said we must become as a little child in order to inherit the Kingdom of God.

When I was seven years old, I had an opportunity to pray one morning in Sunday school. Just before that time, my teacher had told us that we needed to be saved. Although I loved Jesus, I realized I was not saved. That Sunday morning, as we sang “Come Into My Heart,” we went into a little room, and there I invited the Savior to come into my heart. It was just a simple, childish prayer, but it was a decision that has had lasting results.

In one of our Sunday school songs we sing the words, “Faith is just believing what God says He will do.” As we come to the Lord in prayer, whether for salvation or any other need, He wants us to have faith as a little child. Donovan, Emily, and I found Jesus by just believing that He would do exactly what He promises to do in His Word. As adults we sometimes have a harder time accepting such a simple concept, yet that is all God asks of us. When we come to Him with unquestioning and undoubting trust in His Word, we will see His promises become real in our lives.