Daily Devotional

February 7, 2020

The Shepherd’s Voice

And the sheep follow him: for they know his voice. – John 10:4

Recent events have impressed upon me the goodness of the Lord to convey to us that we are on the right path. The Lord may not speak in a loud, booming voice, or even in a still, small voice, for that matter. However, if we know Him, we will hear what He is saying no matter how He says it.

My wife and I have the privilege of being the grandparents of five beautiful young people. Although we had not lived close to our oldest granddaughter for some time, this past year she has been living nearby. One evening, while out for a drive through the countryside with my wife and me, she shared an interesting story with us. She mentioned that in her walk with the Lord, she likes to know each day whether she is where she should be in her spiritual life. She told us that she was driving to work recently, and she had her lunch and two bran muffins from grandma’s kitchen with her in the car. She was praying, “Lord, I want to know today where I am with You.” Then, as she stopped at a traffic light, a homeless person approached her car asking for food. She immediately remembered her lunch and two bran muffins, so she gave the person her lunch. Right then she knew that the Lord was showing her that her motives and will were submitted to Him—she was on the right path. After she drove away, she said to the Lord, “I didn’t think You would let me know so soon.” When I heard her story, I thought, The Lord is the Good Shepherd and His sheep know His voice.

After I was first saved, I remember how faithful the Lord was to let me know that I was on the right path. At that time, I was working in the orchard with many other young men. Most of my co-workers were not Christians, but I was never found participating in their lewd talk or squandering the company’s time. One day as I was working, the orchard boss came to the foot of my ladder and said to me, “What church do you go to?” I had never mentioned anything about church to anyone, and I knew in that moment that the Lord was telling me where I was in my walk with Him.

Being a Christian is more than just naming the name of Christ; it is also displaying His character. That will be an automatic byproduct of following His voice, and He is more than faithful to lead us. If we are His children, we do not have to worry about recognizing His voice because the Bible tells us that we will know it when we hear it. Simply listen for Him, and He will lead you in the right path.