Daily Devotional

August 8, 2016


Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee. – Isaiah 26:3

There are periods in all of our lives when peace in any form can scarcely be imagined. I experienced something like that on what threatened to be an extremely dark day in my life.

At the time, my son and his wife were planning to divorce. They had one small son, and custody was a major issue. I was called to make the one-hundred-mile drive to my son’s place to care for their little boy during the legal hearing.

It was hard to imagine any good coming from the situation. With every rotation of the tires, I longed to go a different direction. The road ahead seemed dark and gloomy. Then our focus verse came to me. The verse offered some hope, so I decided to put it into practice. As usual, I found that God’s Word is true.

Focusing my mind on the Lord, I simply began to think of those who had any small part in leading me to Christ. First, I remembered an old friend who stepped out of a crowd, went forward to an altar of prayer, and became a Christian. He endured some abuse and slander, but stood firm in his decision. Soon, most of the crowd we ran with acknowledged that something real had happened in his life. He then took steps to show me that being a Christian could be beautiful.

My mother also came to mind. Many times, I would come home to find her in earnest prayer; sometimes I would listen and discover she was praying for me. This helped me see that God wanted me to come out of the extreme misery I was living in, to find something worth living for.

After reflecting on these things, the road ahead was not nearly so dark. Although it was broad daylight, it seemed someone had turned on a brilliant light. I arrived at my son’s home in a much better frame of mind, and after my son left for the hearing, my grandson and I had a great time.

God did not take away my son’s divorce or end his custody battle with his wife, but He gave me peace anyway. What a beautiful rest came over me as I realized that God can keep us in perfect peace, despite turmoil in our lives, when our thoughts are centered on Him.