Daily Devotional

April 10, 2018

Time to Rebuild

And Elijah said unto all the people, Come near unto me. And all the people came near unto him. And he repaired the altar of the Lord that was broken down. – 1 Kings 18:30

Have you ever seen a house that has been allowed to run down? For lack of attention, the yard and the lawn have become overgrown. The paint is blistered and peeling off the house. A few shingles have dropped off, and the gutters are rusted out. It is no longer the beautiful house it once was.

Then the day comes when someone sees promise in the old house and buys it. After that, things start to change. The windows are repaired and the gutters replaced. The siding is scraped and new paint applied. The house that was once dilapidated is restored.

In a time when Israel had turned away from God and had been practicing idolatry for many years, Elijah called the people to him and rebuilt the altar of the Lord. God blessed his obedience, and the people saw the power of God that day.

How many family altars are broken down today? It is a sad picture—sadder than a dilapidated house. We know that people do not go around wrecking family altars with crowbars or sledgehammers, but they can be worn down by neglect. Perhaps everyone seems to be on a different time schedule; school or business tends to fill the day; other interests come along. Neglect of the family altar begins to show, and if repairs are not made at once, everything will fall apart.

If this is our situation today, we need to repair the family altar. We can begin by gathering our loved ones around and reading from the Word of God, and asking Him for guidance through each day. As we seek His will together, it will do something for the family. The things that were falling apart will begin to be repaired!

Dear Lord, If I have lost sight of the importance of maintaining the work You have done, please help me to rebuild and to keep You at the center of my life every day. Amen.