Daily Devotional

August 6, 2016

What Is a Testimony?

The testimony of the LORD is sure. – Psalm 19:7

To this day, I can still remember giving my first testimony. I was sixteen years of age, and that afternoon, I was attending a youth service at the same church where I had been saved just two weeks before. The leader of the meeting opened a time for personal testimonies, specifically asking for testimonies from those who had received something from the Lord in the previous two weeks. It felt like everyone was looking at me, but I knew God had done something real in my life and believed I should share it. I stood up and said something to the effect that I knew I had been saved, and that God had kept me for a full two weeks. Then I quickly sat back down!

My testimony may have appeared shaky, yet it was anything but that. Despite my nervousness, the account I gave of real salvation was a “sure testimony,” because in fact it was more than just my testimony; it was also the Lord’s testimony of what He had done for me. Our focus verse says that the testimony of the Lord is sure, and that is true even when a young, nervous new convert is the one sharing it.

Over the years, our focus verse has proven to be undeniably true in my life. The church building where I was saved has long since been torn down, and although for years I saved a piece of the altar where I prayed, it is also gone now. Yet, the testimony of the Lord is as sure today as it was the day He saved me from sin. I have the same peace in my heart, and that peace is my witness from God that I am His child. That is God testifying of His gift, and it has been sure for fifty-four years.

Since that first experience at sixteen years old, I have had many opportunities to share His testimony. The rest of our focus verse says that His testimony makes “wise the simple,” or gives spiritual understanding to lost souls. By telling of the work God has done in our lives, we are able to be a part of that process. Moreover, the following verses indicate that by sharing what we know about God, we can help to “rejoice the heart” and “enlighten eyes.” It is both a blessing and a privilege to be able to tell others who He is.