Daily Devotional

August 4, 2017

Working on a Building

He said unto them, Have ye received the Holy Ghost since ye believed?– Acts 19:2

About twenty-five years ago, I moved to a new city to start work on a building. It is difficult to describe this building the way it was when I first arrived—it was just a shell, really. It had no concrete and only part of a roof. It was in no shape to be used for anything but a very basic shelter. My job was to work on that building and help get it into a condition where it could be used by someone.

At the time, I was a young man and loved the Lord. I had been saved and sanctified, but as I continued at that jobsite, something started to happen inside of me. The Lord showed me that at that point in my life, spiritually I was like that building. Even though I was saved, I was not in a place where God could really use me. He revealed to me that He wanted to work on me like I was working on that building. God wanted to make me a steady Christian, so that no matter what came or went in my life, I could remain strong in Him.

In the midst of my work, God convicted me to seek Him and to seek for the baptism of the Holy Ghost. As I did that, He started working on me, building me up spiritually and preparing me for His use. Then, during camp meeting in Portland, the Comforter came and filled my heart. He made a real change in my life that day. Yes, I was changed when I was saved, but this was a different change. God became the constant in my life, and I was not up and down anymore, easily swayed by daily troubles and trials. He strengthened me so that I could be used for the Gospel.

God is not partial. If He has given one person victory in a matter, we can be encouraged and expect Him to give us victory as well. He will not leave anyone out. God wants all of us to be steady in our walk with Him, and to be filled with the Holy Ghost. As we seek Him, He will prepare us to be used for His glory.