PRIMARY PALS for STUDENTS: Unit 36 - Learning About Our Bible

Primary Pals Lesson 36d

God Loves You!

TEXT: 1 Corinthians 13:4-7, 13; 1 John 4:7-21

Shelley pushed the chocolate chip cookie away. Usually they were her favorite. But right now nothing sounded good.

"What's the matter, Shelley?" asked her mother. "You haven't touched your cookie. And you look so sad."

"I'm not hungry," Shelley answered. "I keep thinking about that party Lisa is having. All the girls were invited except me. It's not fair."

Shelley's mother came over and patted her shoulder. "I'm sorry you are so sad, Honey."

"Nobody loves me, Mom." Tears came into Shelley's brown eyes.

Shelley's mother sat down beside her. "We all feel that way now and then. But it isn't really true. Daddy and I love you. So does Uncle Mark and Auntie Michelle, and Grandma and Grandpa and lots of other people. But best of all, God loves you! The whole Bible tells about God's love for us."

Shelley looked up, a spark of interest showing on her face. "Really, Mom? I know we learn about God's love when we read how Jesus was born in a manger. And the Easter story shows love also. But is it in other places too?"

"Yes," her mother said. "Think about the Creation. God showed His love for us when He made such a beautiful world for us to live in. In Genesis we also read the first promises of the Savior who would come. All through the Bible we see how god showed His love and patience.”

Shelley started to nibble at her cookie. “And the promises Jesus gave us show His love too. Someday he will take us to be with Him in Heaven.”

“That’s right, Shelley,” her mother smiled. “Do you know one of the best things we can do when people treat us unkindly?”

“What?” asked Shelley.

“We can ask God to give us a chance to share His love with them!”

Shelley thought for a minute. "You mean Lisa and all the girls that went to her party?"

"Yes," said her mother. "Why do you think sharing God's love with them is better than acting angry?"

"Well, they might decide it must be good to be a Christian. They will see that I didn't act bad even though I felt sad inside."

"You're right, Shelley. And I think you have learned something very important. No matter what happens, God loves you."

Parent’s Corner

One of the main themes running throughout the whole Bible is that of God's unchanging love for mankind.

In this lesson, your child will learn that God's love is shown from the first promise of a Messiah, found in Genesis, clear through to the promise of Jesus' soon return, found in the Book of Revelation.

As an at-home project for this week, let your child make a list of songs which have to do with God's love for us or our love for God. Some suggestions to get him started: "Jesus Loves Me," "Oh, How I Love Jesus," and "Jesus Loves the Little Children." It might be fun to make a tape of your child singing some of these special songs about God's love.