• July 2018 Viewpoint

    July 2018 Viewpoint

    JUNE 2018 | DARREL LEE

    Though I was only twelve years old in 1965, I can still remember some of the landmark events that took place that year. As a baseball fan, I was aware of the nation’s first indoor baseball game, held on April 9 in a 260-acre stadium called the Houston Astrodome. I...

  • April 2018 Viewpoint

    April 2018 Viewpoint


    Reading Mark Worthington’s article, Help for the Hurting, reminds me of what author Steven Estes once wrote, “God permits what He hates to achieve what He loves.”1 God has a purpose in our hurting.

    To declare that we know why God allows and even orchestrates unpleasant or catastrophic events would be...

  • January 2018 Viewpoint

    January 2018 Viewpoint


    The article A Goodly Heritage refers to the grandfather of my wife, Debbie. As a teenager, Chester Brown prayed through to salvation. Not long after he was saved, Grandpa Brown began to serve in the U.S. military. After boot camp, he was deployed to Europe where he fought during World War...

  • October 2017 Viewpoint

    October 2017 Viewpoint


    The message of this magazine is consistent from one issue to the next. Out of curiosity, I looked back one hundred years to the fall of 1917, and noted that The Apostolic Faith magazine used Jude 3 as its motto and featured the same list of Bible doctrines that are...

  • July 2017 Viewpoint

    July 2017 Viewpoint

    JULY 2017 | DARREL LEE

    Reading the testimony of Sylvia Phillips reminds me of my first visit to our Dallas, Oregon, church on Mother’s Day in 1974. Shortly before, I had attended our Roseburg Apostolic Faith church, and the people there told me of the Dallas location, just thirty miles north of the Oregon State University...

  • April 2017 Viewpoint

    April 2017 Viewpoint


    On January 22, 2017, Debbie and I were among those who celebrated the dedication of a new Philippines headquarters church in Bagong Sikat. (You can read more about the dedication service in this news article.) We had arrived from Portland a few days earlier and immediately had been taken on a...

  • January 2017 Viewpoint

    January 2017 Viewpoint


    You may have observed that our flagship publication has a new name. However, it is not new at all. The phrase “apostolic faith” was first used by a man named Charles Parham in the late 1800s.

    Parham was a preacher and evangelist who was devoutly non-denominational, having left the Methodist Church...

  • Standing Fast

    Standing Fast


    When my wife, Debbie, was just seven years old, she sat in a children’s church service in our Medford, Oregon, church. During that service God spoke to her heart through the songs, testimonies, and sermon. Upon realizing His love for her, she gave Him her life, and still looks back...

  • The Sanctity of Life

    The Sanctity of Life

    JULY 2016 | DARREL LEE

    Last month, Debbie and I were blessed to welcome our seventh grandchild, whose imminent arrival is referred to in the article Designed by God. Little George’s birth brought our grandchild census to six grandsons and one granddaughter. As with the first six births, we were prepared to head to the...

  • Unashamed of the Gospel

    Unashamed of the Gospel


    In a recent Portland sermon, the text was taken from Romans 1:16 where Paul declared himself, “not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ.” Writing this column on the anniversary of my March 17, 1974 conversion, the “unashamed” aspect of that message remains on my mind.

    Upon invitation, I entered our Roseburg,...

  • A Promise of Grace

    A Promise of Grace


    At 10:30 p.m. on a Friday night our telephone rang. It was Neil Green, who said, “You had better come.” He and Maria were on their way to the hospital, where their baby daughter, Paige, was soon to be born. Paige had been diagnosed with Trisomy 18, and the doctors...

  • Grace Extended

    Grace Extended


    About thirty years ago, an FBI agent showed up at the office where I was employed to ask questions of me. There was no small talk. He was a tall, stoic man—all business. The questions he asked were for him to learn as much as he could about a young...

  • An Example of Serving

    An Example of Serving

    JULY 2015 | DARREL LEE

    When Ivon Wilson began to be interested in Hazel Frymire, he invited her to go with him for dinner. She turned him down due to a scheduling conflict, explaining that she needed to attend a Gospel workers’ meeting. Brother Ivon recognized that this young lady was putting God first. He...

  • Approaching God

    Approaching God


    Reverence has been a hallmark of Apostolic Faith churches since the founding of our organization. That attitude of honor toward God and His house was apparent to me in 1974 when I first visited our Roseburg, Oregon, church as an unsaved, unchurched twenty-one-year old. I observed that the ministers and...

  • Conquering by Faith

    Conquering by Faith


    In his sermon Validated Faith, Michael Anthony speaks of the necessity of faith from experience. When he was appointed Eastern Caribbean District Superintendent for the Apostolic Faith organization four years ago, he faced a daunting challenge. The half-completed Smith Bay church on the island of St. Thomas had been under...

  • Accepting God’s Plan

    Accepting God’s Plan


    In this issue of Higher Way, you will find the sermon God’s Prescription for the Sick and Afflicted. Have you ever wondered why every ill person who follows the instructions in James 5:13-15 is not healed? For example, further on in this same issue, we read of one individual who...

  • The Results of Prayer

    The Results of Prayer

    JULY 2014 | DARREL LEE

    Pete and Janet DeBusk (read their testimonies) illustrate the value of persevering in prayer for unsaved children. Back in the 1970s, as a new convert in our Dallas, Oregon, church where the two of them had long attended, I volunteered to paint Sunday school tables and benches. When coming or going during...

  • A Calm Hope

    A Calm Hope


    The first time Debbie and I saw Katrina, she had dropped from her two pound, three ounce birth weight to one pound, fourteen ounces. Standing beside her incubator with her parents, Gary and Gaylen Olson (read Gaylen’s story), we saw more cords and monitors than baby—Katrina was so tiny she could...

  • Grace in Crisis

    Grace in Crisis


    Sherry Schuermyer is well known in our Portland congregation for her delicious home-baked cookies. While my wife, Debbie, prefers Sherry’s chocolate chip creations with her glass of milk, my favorites are her peanut butter cookies… or maybe her oatmeal raisin. Well, her snickerdoodles are hard to beat as well! Many...

  • Around-the-World Impact

    Around-the-World Impact


    Oniyas Gumbo’s first contact with the Apostolic Faith church was through an issue of one of these magazines in the early 1970s when he was a twenty-year-old university student. He read The Light of Hope, as it was then called, while deathly ill in an infirmary in Zimbabwe. He was...

  • The Value of Steadfast Faith

    The Value of Steadfast Faith

    JULY 2013 | DARREL LEE

    When my wife, Debbie, and I visited Romania in 2006, it was as if we had stepped back in time. Though Communism had collapsed there with Ceausescu’s overthrow in 1989, the impact of that oppressive government system remained evident. It seemed time had stood still; the homes and farms we...

  • Learning by Doing

    Learning by Doing


    Learning is an active process, as Wendy Chasteen’s testimony indicates. Wendy learned by doing, whether it was riding a horse, sewing, or serving God. She learned because she wanted to learn.

    I’ve had an opportunity to observe some of the learning experiences in Wendy and Jack Chasteen’s lives. Most of their...

  • Statesmanship



    Brandon Frymire’s combat experiences (see his testimony) remind me of his grandfather Roy’s warfare of a different sort, although Roy Frymire also served in our country’s military. Brother Roy was the fifth of nine children born to Brandon’s godly great-grandparents. Through the years, dozens of Frymire descendants have faithfully served...

  • The Value of Camp Meeting

    The Value of Camp Meeting


    When I stepped onto the Portland campground for the first time in July of 1974 to attend camp meeting as a twenty-one-year-old new convert, many surprises awaited me. For one thing, I did not know what a camp meeting was! My expectation was that those in attendance would be roasting...

  • Food for the Soul

    Food for the Soul

    JULY 2012 | DARREL LEE

    I know something about coming hungry to the Phillips’ table (see Earl Phillips’ sermon). My first visit to their home was on Mother’s Day 1974, when Brother Earl was serving as pastor of our Dallas, Oregon, Apostolic Faith Church. The evening before, I had telephoned him from my apartment thirty...

  • We Must Stand

    We Must Stand


    Since the time of the apostles, Christians have had to stand against challenges to their faith. Some have experienced challenges in the form of outright persecution. Others have simply been made to feel uncomfortable for their beliefs. Some have stood against public challenges such as laws that go against Biblical...

  • A Quiet Legacy

    A Quiet Legacy


    During a recent stay in Harare, Zimbabwe, it was a blessing to become acquainted with Lancelot Muzondo, who was the first Zimbabwean to correspond with our organization’s headquarters back in 1953, when Zimbabwe was known as Rhodesia. He was the one who introduced Morgan Sengwayo (read his testimony) to the...